How to fight a misinformation…with another misinformation?

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There is an interesting article in VICE magazine recently, entitled “Anti-Maskers Ready to Start Masking-to Protect Themselves From the Vaccinated” .

It is well known that there are anti-maskers who vigorously resist the compulsory use of masks as a measure against the new coronavirus, and anti-vaccinators who strongly oppose vaccination, and that these two groups are quite similar. Recently, however, it seems that some conspiracy theorists who believe in these theories have come out to advocate wearing masks and taking social distance.

The theory behind this is the “shedding” theory. Vaccinated people “shed” the vaccine (or something harmful in it)…

An I2P answer to the great Tor Browser Bundle.

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Tor has become immensely popular in recent years. One of the reasons is the existence of Tor Browser Bundle (TBB). TBB is a carefully pre-configured set of Tor, Mozilla Firefox and other good things. With TBB, you can use Tor off the shelf, without tweaking advanced settings by yourself.

There have been several attempts to produce “I2P Browser Bundle”, but most of them died prematurely. However, now we have I2P Firefox Browser Profile (FBP) Installer. …

Enjoy I2P on the go. Also, please read the last section.

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You can use I2P on your Android devices. It surprisingly runs well. The RAM requirement is 512MB minimum, 1GB recommended. Even the cheapest smartphone can satisfy this nowadays.

I2P is available from Google Play Store, F-Droid, and even as .apk from the official site. Download, install and run it. Something like below greets you.

Running I2P on Android

There is always space for improvement.

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Many people feel that the I2P network is way too slow.

It is understandable, but there are good reasons that I2P is supposed to be slow. Firstly, since I2P employs garlic routing technique, your data typically have to go through 6+6=12(!) different routers for anonymization. It decreases the network speed significantly.

Have you ever wanted to access surface web, deep web and dark web seamlessly, with no hassle? It is now possible with I2P and Orchid.

I2P has excellent plugin support, and there are many plugins. One of them is Orchid plugin.

Orchid is a client-only Tor implementation written in Java, now maintained by yours truly. With I2P Orchid plugin based on it, you can access not only I2P eepsites but also Tor’s Hidden Services (*.onion) and the usual clearnet websites (*.com, *.org, *.net, etc.), anonymously.

What you need to do is:

  1. Install and set up I2P
  2. Install and set up…

Mostly Harmless.

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So you are interested in I2P. After installation and some setup, the biggest question would be, what’s next? what can I do with I2P?

There are lots of things you can do with I2P, and one of the nice things is running and browsing “eepsites”. Eepsites are websites in the I2P network, which have .i2p pseudo TLD, only accessible via I2P. You can run eepsites anonymously, and you can browse eepsites anonymously, too. Your identity information is supposed to be lost in onion/garlic routing, so you will not be tracked down by anyone else (at least theoretically). …

A short introduction on how to run websites free from censorship and surveillance.

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What’s “eepsites”?

Eepsites are websites in the I2P network, which means you can only access them with I2P. The official FAQ says:

An eepsite is a website that is hosted anonymously, a hidden service which is accessible through your web browser. It can be accessed by setting your web browser’s HTTP proxy to use the I2P web proxy (typically it listens on localhost port 4444), and browsing to the site.

It is easy to set up eepsites, but you can not easily know the real IP address of eepsites…

A short introduction on how to run anonymous, distributed forums in this increasingly censored world.

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What’s Syndie?

Syndie is a tool for anonymous and high latency (i.e., non-real time) communication, currently being developed by the I2P (Invisible Internet Project).

Suppose you are a political dissident in an oppressive country or whistleblower in a hostile environment. You do not want to reveal your identity since it would be dangerous for you or your family, but still got something to say. Syndie can help you in such a case.

Of course, you can use Syndie just for fun, too.

It is somewhat difficult to…

An easy, concise, and up-to-date introduction to the I2P anonymous network.

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What’s I2P?

I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is…well, you can read an introduction on the official site:

I2P is an anonymous network, exposing a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. The network itself is strictly message based (a la IP), but there is a library available to allow reliable streaming communication on top of it (a la TCP). …

Capturing the uncapturables

Only recently I discovered the Hipster PDA, and love it. This is a noble idea of 10-year-old vintage, largely forgotten by now in the time of Smartphones and Tablets. It is unapologetically low technology based on dead trees — nothing more than some 5×3 index cards(itself became endangered species) and binder clips. “PDA” is not an abbreviation of the ancient Personal Digital Assistant — it is actually short for Parietal Disgorgement Aid, which explains the concept eloquently.

I have tried so many digital thingies, but still find that analogue note taking is much more reliable and efficient, especially for capturing…

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